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San Francisco: Bound Together Books

Christopher Kalman is a thirty-something, underemployed San Francisco layout artist living in a ramshackle activist collective–the Triangle–named for its Duboce Triangle neighborhood in the heart of the city. He and his chosen family are determined to carry on the good fight; yet the raging war in Iraq, begun in the face of peaceful protests by millions across the globe, has shaken the Triangle’s faith in the value of nonviolent dissent.

Chagall, an eco-saboteur practiced in the art of demolition, partners with an anonymous hacker who proposes an online media blitz he can detonate “at thermonuclear scale” to augment Chagall’s brick-and-mortar spectacle. Chagall invites Christopher into their developing plot to deal genetically-engineered Frankenfood a serious blow. Assured that no one will be hurt, and lured by the promise of a vast audience, Christopher contemplates writing the mother of all political manifestos.

Allison Rayle leads the Triangle’s preparations to blockade the Bay Bridge on the opening day of an international biotech meeting, to protest the environmental risks of releasing genetically modified organisms into the wild. Their aim: to hang a massive banner from the bridge’s westernmost tower at the peak of rush hour.

When the Triangle collides with Chagall’s plot to destroy a midwestern research lab, the fallout threatens everything and everyone Christopher has ever loved. (Read sample chapters.)

“Masover’s engaging, timely debut novel is about the line between activism and extremism. […] This is a fast-paced and well-plotted literary thriller, examining the unforeseen ramifications of well-intentioned actions.”

— Publisher’s Weekly (BookLife)

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